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PHsPeed is a PHP generator, RAD and Case development tool for PHP applications. It makes use of PDO for database independency, bootstrap for mobile application, jquery/ajax for responsiveness.

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12PHP LibrariesBug ReportHighmultiple master-detail not workingFixed
Task Description If you have one master table and use two details, i.e. salary and department on employee then only the first one is shown.
11IDEImprovementLowRewrite of file load/save sequence supporting backupfil...Under development
Task Description Goal is to rewrite the file loader and saver for files that will be responsible for maintaining backup files and supports multi edit. It will replace current implementation.
10Backend / CoreFeature RequestMediumUser librariesClosed
Task Description Currently it is not possible to add your own php written php libraries. At least, not as part of PHsPeed. Would be a great enhancement. Now you need to install your own code manually, apply includes which require custom code etc. It works, but it's not very handy.
9Backend / CoreBug ReportHighAdd fixed directories to AutoloaderClosed
Task Description PHsPeed uses default runtime libraries and deploy location for it's autoloader. However, if you add custom libraries (i.e. when using namespaces) then the used classes cannot be found because they are not in the 'search path'. I would not recommend making a recursive search as that would influence the performance. A better approach might be to add a function for this.
8IDEFeature RequestHighImplementation of theme editorUnder development
Task Description The current colorscheme is suitable for most developers, but in the current time dark themes has become more popular.
7Backend / CoreBug ReportLowBootstrap library always in topFixed
Task Description

The library needs to be on top of all depending components. Now sometimes this is not the case causing the components not to work well.

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