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Welcome to the world of PHsPeed

Increase your productivity
With PHsPeed, you can increase your productivity writing web-based (mobile) applications significantly. The fastest way is to connect to a PDO supported database, select a table, and generate a standard form with (crud) application. Next, you can refine your design. All based upon Bootstrap and thus fully mobile aware! From prototype to production within the shortest possible time. PHsPeed is an ideal solution that matches your agile approach.
What is PHsPeed?
  • PHsPeed is a rich RAD and visual PHP development environment, packed with a lot of standard components for creating your layout, menu's, edit fields, grids, etc. The PHP applications are based upon JQuery, Ajax, and Bootstrap. The applications will run on mobile devices to desktop.
  • Min


  • Based upon your data model you can generate standard forms and applications, that can be used for further development. Create a Crud application based upon a database table in a few seconds.
  • It's easy to incorporate your own libraries; the generated code is well formed and readable.
  • With PHsPeed, you can fully debug your application with breakpoints, view content of variables, trace JSON messages, view $GET and $POST and much, much more. PHsPeed contains an XDebug client for debugging PHP and Chromium for debugging JavaScript
  • Database access is implemented through PDO. No special license is needed for accessing a certain database. If you have a valid PDO driver installed, you should be able to work with PHsPeed. The IDE itself contains direct connections to the database drivers, so you need to have the appropriate database client installed as well. PHsPeed is tested against MySQL, MariaDB SQLite. We are searching for users who can verify the working of other PDO drivers.

    Oracle Mysql MariadbMicrosoft Sql ServerPostgresqlSybaseInterbaseSqlite InformixProgressDb2Microsoft AccessAmazon Aurora Odbc Microsoft Azure

You can search the FAQ by entering a search string below.

Or just go to the faq page you can find

Perhaps you are interested in some instruction video's. You can find the introduction video's


The download link below will download the installer and license manager of PHsPeed. If you have issues while installing, then please look at the instruction video. PLEASE NOTE: Currently this installer can only be used by our beta test team, and invited people. If you do not belong to one of these groups, then you can't install.
Important! Aducom Software digitally signs all executables and MSI file. If your files are not digitally signed, then please do not install.

Please verify that you are running the installer version 3.1.A. or higher. Due to browser cashing we have noticed that if you have downloaded the installer previously, you could end up with an old version of the file. 

Download installer

The PHsPeed modified Xampp package will be downloaded by clicking the link below. This package is under the same license as Xampp. It is integrated into the package above but can be downloaded as a separate package to comply to its license.

Download PHsPeed Xampp