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PHsPeed is a PHP generator, RAD and Case development tool for PHP applications. It makes use of PDO for database independence, bootstrap for mobile application, jquery/ajax for responsiveness.
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IDCategoryTask TypeSeveritySummaryStatusProgressOpenedLast Edited
283IDEEnhancementLowEnhance auto-generation of appsTest request for Team-B
13.01.202113.01.2021 Task Description

Currently you can generate a full crud application based upon a table. This feature will allow to append a table to a current module. That makes implementations of master-detail including Crud capabilities on master and detail way easier.

282ComponentsEnhancementLowComponent for google mapsUnder development
13.01.202113.01.2021 Task Description

This is a component that allows you to generate a Google Maps with marking points and (bootstrap) popups. There is a dependency with Google as you need an API key for this.

281ComponentsEnhancementHighComponent for Two Factor AuthenticationUnder development
13.01.202113.01.2021 Task Description

This component allows the use of TFA. It generates a QR code that installs in tools like Google Authenticator. Then you can use the authenticator to enhance the security level of your applications

279IDEImprovementLowcopying tab component between applicationsOn wish list
14.12.202015.12.2020 Task Description

Follow these steps to reproduce:

- create 2 applications
- first application create a tab component
- add 2 tabs in the edit

  1. code tab1
  2. description tab1
  3. code tab2
  4. description tab2

- modify the content for tab1 adding a row, a column and a field
- run the application you’ll see the field displayed once you select the tab
- copy the tab component from application 1 to application 2
- run the application 2 and select the tab, and notice that the field is not displayed
- in the application 2 editor you will see the edit field component in the component tree but the content isn’t displayed anyway

The reason is that once the tab is pasted in the new application the id for the tab components is renamed but the main component keeps the original id’s.

Proposed solution should be to update the newly generated id’s to the main tab component.


264PHP GeneratorEnhancementLowTo include styling properties for the modal button on f...On wish list
07.10.202010.10.2020 Task Description

to include styling like buttonclass for modal buttons on fields.

260IDEEnhancementLowdatamapping on modalOn wish list
22.09.202023.09.2020 Task Description

At the moment the datamapping from modal/building block allows you select components like:

- dbedit
- dbludropdown
- edit

this request is to allow the selection for components like:

- image /dbimage
- label / dblabel


258ComponentsFeature RequestLowinclude hyperlink property for image componentOn wish list
19.09.202022.09.2020 Task Description

to allow redirection once end user clicks on an image component.

245IDEFeature RequestLowFeature to change ports of the embedded MySQL/MariaDB a...On wish list
19.08.202019.08.2020 Task Description

Just like the Apache port

243IDEBug ReportLowXampp uses standard ssl port. This can interfere with a...On worklist
19.08.202013.12.2020 Task Description

This port should be changed to something else or disabled.

233PHP GeneratorEnhancementLowinclude copy button in the dbnav.Test request for Team-B
30.06.202013.01.2021 Task Description

to include copy record button in the dbnav

227Backend / CoreFeature RequestLowcolor picker controlTest request for Team-B
24.06.202001.01.2021 Task Description

to create a color picker control

as an example

198PHP GeneratorFeature RequestLowInclude captcha in the form propertiesOn wish list
25.05.202001.07.2020 Task Description

to include a captcha property for the forms in order to include the captcha security functionality automatically

17IDEFeature RequestVery LowSuppress black boxes (unsupported font elements) in Fon...On wish list
13.08.201901.07.2020 Task Description

Font awsome 5 ttf files contains all icon refs, including those that are commercial. The commercial are represented as black boxes. That’s a main difference with FA 4 where the ttf only contains the free icons. In the selection editor the black boxed icons should be suppressed for a better usability.

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