The area component allows you to create a design area on which you can put your rows and columns. The area does not have a default border as the Panel has. It's just a plain design component. As being a part of bootstrap, the component applies to the bootstrap-grid system.

Property Description Values
Backgroundcolor Color of the background of the areadefault, bg-primary, bg-success, bg-info, bg-warning, bg-danger, bg-light, bg-dark
Centered Indication of the area needs to be centeredyes/no
Class Specifies CSS class of the componentopens a css editor (use only if you can't reach your goal using the basic properties or style
ContainerClass Indicate styling of the area (see bootstrap documentation)none, container, container-fluid
Context Context of the area that results in background color (obsolete, use backgroundcolor)ctprimary, ctsuccess, ctinfo, ctwarning, ctdanger
device class… Number of units to spend on its parent component. See generic description of all device classes1-12
marginArea Settings marginm-…
paddingArea Settings paddingp-…
Style Opens a style editor to set shading, etc.
textColor Default text colorUnused

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