The building block wrappes a block component. It can be used to apply headers, footers, partial functions (IFrame-like use) but also to implement a master-detail form.

To set it a master-detail relationship, you must apply the building block that will be used as the detail. Also you must provide the database connection the detail block needs to use, and setup a valid master-detail key relationship. In sequence:

- define the building block to be used
- define the master datasource
- define the detail datasource
- setup key field mapping
- setup the connection to be used by the detail (the connection used to design the detail is only used to access the database metadata. All connections used must be setup by the main master)

With this information the read-only fields 'detail data source' and 'keyfields' of the master datasouce will be filled automatically.

Property Description Values
BuildingBlock Specifies the pre defined detail building block to be inserted (detail)Existing building block
DetailDataSource The datasource to connect to from the masterExisting data source in detail building block
ExternalDataSourceFor future development, do not use.
KeyFields Key field mapping between master and detailSetup by using property editor
MasterDataSource Reference to the master data sourceExisting data source on the master form

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