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The button component puts a button on your form. Usually it is part of a form and will be used to submit your form data to your application.

Property Description Values
Active Button is in use true, false
ButtonClass Button class as described in the bootstrap manual btn-default,btn-primary,btn-success,btn-info,btn-warning,btn-danger,btn-link,btn-lg,btn-sm,btn-xs,btn-block
ButtonType Button, to be used in javascript events or submit to submit a form button, submit
Enabled Shows button as enabled or disabled (grayed) true,false
Glyphicon Image within the button. Use names as documented on http://bootstrapdocs.com/v3.0.0
Label Text to be displayed inside the buttonstring
Top Location of component in the designer. No function within bootstrap integer
Owner Owner of the component read-only
Width The width of the button in the designer. No function within bootstrap. integer
Height The height of the button in the designer. No function within bootstrap. integer
Property Description Values
onActivateTriggers when all components are created
onClickTriggers when the user clicks on the button
onCreateTriggers when the component is created
onDestroyTriggers when the component is destroyed

Property Description Values
none will automatically trigger the onsubmit event on the appropiate form.
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