The column component divides a row into one or more columns. Within PHsPeed the Bootstrap Grid system is implemented with row and column components.

alignSelfSets alignment of the column within a row. Can be used to align, without assigning all layout units. I.e. a row with one column of 2 units can be aligned to the right (end)start, end, center, baseline, stretch, sm-start, sm-end
backgroundColorBootstrap color of the background
BorderColor Color of the bordernone, primary, secundairy, success, danger, warning, info, light, dark
Border Radius Radius of the border linenone, rounded, top, right, bottom, left, circle, 0
Class Opens a css editor and fills default classA reference to a valid css specification.
ColumnClass Specifies default behaviour of a Column (see Bootstrap specs)none, container, container-fluid
deviceClass…See generic description
gutterUser gutteryes/no
marginmargin of the columnm-..
paddingpadding of the columnp-..
Style Opens the css editor for background, edges and shadow of the componentA reference to a valid css specification.

No additional events.

No additional events.

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