The DBGrid component displays a database result set in a grid.

The basic setup is to link a dbgrid to a datasource which is responsable for distributing data of a dataset to data aware components. The dataset needs to be linked to a dataset (dbtable/dbquery).

Database connection --> Dataset (Table/Query/...)--> Datasource --> Data aware components (DBGrid)
Property Description Values
Datasource Connects the grid to a datasource.dropdown of available datasources
Fields Shows property editor for individual fields.seeā€¦
Height Height of component.integer
Left Position of component.Depending on the form mode it might be used or ignored
Name Name of component. Change with care.string
ShowColumns Toggle to show columns button. Will show a modal form to show/hide the individual fieldstrue/false
ShowHeader Toggle to show the header.true/false
ShowPagination Toggle to show the pagination.true/false
ShowRefresh Toggle to show refresh button.true/false
ShowSearch Toggle to show the search field.true/false
Event Description
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