The DBTable components maintains a database table in your database.

Property Description Values
ActiveRepresents the status of the componenttrue/false
AutoconnectThe component will try to open a connection automatically.Most of the time this property will not be necessary to use. Settings are true/false
DBConnectionName of the predefined connection id's.Will be filled by default by all the connections available for your application. If there is only one, then this connection id is used by default.
FilterAn optional filter to be used in the 'where' clause of a SQL statement.
string. Sample: 'myfield > 10'
FieldsThe fields of the table that will be used by the components refering to this component.It will open a property editor containing all fields of the table and allows to select / unselect the fields to be used. This is a mandatory step. If you do not open this property editor, no fields will be selected causing a generation error/warning.
LeftThe left position of the component.Ignored. Needed for the IDE
NameName of the componentName is used in events, change it with care if you have active events defined. In some circumstances the eventnames are not changed when changing the component name.
OwnerOwner of the componentIgnored. Needed for IDE
TopPosition of the component.Ignored. Needed for IDE
Property Description Values
OnActivateTriggers when the form becomes active
OnCreateTriggers when the component is created
OnDestroyTriggers when the component is destroyed

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