You can use the internal FTP client for deploying PHsPeed. This is very basic functionality, you can always upload the application using specialized applications like FileZilla and others. After deployment, there is no dependency on the PHsPeed development environment.

The requirement on the server-side is pretty standard. You need a webserver supporting PHP 7.1 or higher (php 7.4 or 8.0 is preferred). If your application is using a database then this database needs to be installed. PHsPeed does only deploy your php application. It does not deploy databases. Within the web environment, you can use tools like phpmyadmin, adminer etc. to set up your database and tables.

There are some requirements on your PHP config though. PHsPeed uses PDO for database connectivity, so these extensions must be enabled in your php.ini. In general, you only have to enable the pdo driver of SQLite and the database used. Most web providers have these settings enabled by default.

For storing credentials (i.e. for your database connection, email, etc.) PHsPeed uses encryption. For that, you need to have the OpenSSL module of PHP enabled. Most providers have this enabled too.

But if you have a blank screen after deploying your application then most likely there is some module not enabled that should be. We haven't found incompatibilities at providers yet, but we know that extensions as curl are not always defaulted. If you have issues, please share them with us so we can report that here.

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