Download and install the license manager from our website. Make sure before installing that the MSI is digitally signed by 'aducom software.' All PHsPeed applications are digitally signed, so if yours is not, then you might have an illegal or cracked version. We do not provide support on non-legal versions.

If this is the first time you install the product, then the license manager will require you to create an account, using a valid email address. This account is needed to be able to inform you about new releases and refers to your product pages if you decide to buy the product. As being a Dutch (European) company, we comply with the European privacy rules. We do not keep track of your personal data. Our privacy statement can be found here.

After creating your account, you will be able to download PHsPeed. As the overall package is quite large, it is divided into chunks, and download speeds might differ depending on where you live.

PHsPeed will install a special Xampp edition that allows you to select one of the preset PHP versions, and with XDebug fully configured. It also will install MySQL/MariaDB. When you start PHsPeed then Apache and MySQL will automatically start; when you close PHsPeed, Apache and MySQL will close too.

It is possible to run PHsPeed against another webserver and database. However, if this is your first experience, then we advise you to install the product standard as all our samples are build and deployed with MariaDB. But you can switch to another configuration at any time. Dependencies are that your configuration supports PHP, and if you want to be able to use the debugger, you must set up XDebug so that it will work on your configuration. Aducom Software does not provide support for other configurations than the standard.

PHsPeed can be set up to be used with the most common databases like MariaDB/MySQL, Oracle, Open-Edge (Progress), and more. To be able to use them you must have set up the correct configuration on your system. For Oracle, it requires the proper Oracle Client, For Progress, a valid data source name (ODBC connection), etc. PHsPeed comes with MariaDB build-in, other databases are not part of the package.

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