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-====== CModule ====== 
-The Module component is used for declaring multipurpose application parts, like header, footer etc. 
-===== Properties ===== 
-^Property  ^Description  ^Values  | 
-|Left|The left position of the component.|Ignored. Needed for the IDE| 
-|Name|Name of the component|Name is used in events, change it with care if you have active events defined. In some circumstances the eventnames are not changed when changing the component name.| 
-|Owner|Owner of the component|Ignored. Needed for IDE| 
-|Password|Password to connect to the database| | 
-|Top|Position of the component.|Ignored. Needed for IDE| 
-|TopMargin|Position of the module relative to the upper part (margin-top)| | 
-|Class|Entry to create a class item in the used style sheet.|This is the 'full stylesheet'.| 
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