Non Visual Components

Non visual components are 'helpers' between the technical layer like databases, tables, email etc. and the front-end. They are required on the form, but do not have a visual presentation once the application is generated. You can consider them as 'libraries' that are required to let other components work.

AnimationComponent for enabling HTML5 animations
APIModuleUnder development. Module to consume API functions
APIFunctionUnder development. Implement an API function in an API module.
BlankSpecifies a module without a form, but is runnable. It can use invisible components for database access and can be used for processing, or API implementations
ChartSerieA series of x/y pairs that specify an element in a chart
DatabaseConnectorReference to your database specification
DataSourceDispatcher between database table and form fields
DBChartSerieSee Chartserie, only now based upon database data
DBCrudSQL statements to be used in a crud situation. Use in conjunction with DBQuery.
DBTableBasic database table component
DBSimpleQuerySimple Query component for executing SQL statements
DBQueryQuery component, based upon DBTable, but with customizable SQL
MailerEMail module, based upon PHPMailer
ModuleSpecifies a module to be reusable. It inherits the form of the parent that is using this one.
PDFBasic PDF component. Required if you want to work with PDF's. Also for PDF components. You only need one.
RootSpecifies a module to be a regular web form. The Root is responsible for theming, basic margins, backgrounds, etc.
TemplateEngineComponent for generating content based upon a template file and variables.
TimerA component that triggers configured times.

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