Main (Create and maintain project)

In this section you can create and maintain your project, modify libaries and styles, (color) preferences, translations, locals and encryption settings.

If you want to create a new project then you can select project→new project or if you want to change settings you can choose project → properties. The main difference is that creating a project allows you to automatically create a form with a database connection, options that are not available if you choose to maintain the project properties.

project idThe name of the project. Choose a short and simple name.
Description/Long descriptionThe explanation of the program. What is it's purpose?
Main applicationThe name of the application that will be started as initial application. If you have a lot of PHP applications in your project then it might be handy that you always use the same application name to start up your application. Like in C we have choosen to use 'main.php' as the main application. (But feel free to change it to whatever you want). This applicaiton is force to be able to run stand-alone. When a user is starting any other application he/she will be redirected to this main.php.
Default connectionThe name of the database connection. As each and every application in your project probabely will use the same connection id, changing this field will allow you to change all your connection in all your applications in one go.
Default theme
PHsPeed has a number of themes you can pick for your project. If you change the theme here then you are also able to change it for all your application in one go. That way your look-and-feel will remain consisten.
Enable CSRFGenerates code to prevent CSRF issues.
Enable Ip Session checkNot implemented yet
Create with formPHsPeed will automatically generate a new applicaiton with a form (recommended)
Create with database connectionPHsPeed wiill add a database connection component on the form (optional).