The panel component allows you to create a design area on which you can put your rows and columns. The area has a default border (see Bootstrap).

Property Description Values
BackgroundColor Bootstrap color of the background
Border Specifies if the panel will show a borderyes, no
Centered Will the panel be centered within it's containeryes, no
Class Enters the css editor for defining full css specsWill generate default class
collapsible Makes the panel collapsibleyes, no
ContainerClass Behaviour of the panel. See Bootstrap documentationnone, container-fluid, container
Context Panel context. See Bootstrap documentation. Sets coloring (deprecated)ctDefault, ctPrimary, ctSuccess, ctInfo, ctWarning, ctDanger
deviceClass see Layout documentation1..12
fieldsManager Allows to automatically add a maintainable panel with fields
footer Deprecated
marginBody margin of the Panel body (inside the panel)m-
marginPanel margin of the Panel itselfm-
paddingBody padding of the Panel body (inside the panel)p-
paddingPanel padding of the Panel itselfp-
Style For background, edges and shadowReference to a valid css specification.
textColor Color of the text font.

No additional events.

No additional events.

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