The panel header component allows you to specify a default header on the Panel.

Property Description Values
backgroundColor Bootstrap background-color
Class Opens a css editor and fills default classA reference to a vaild css specification.
collapsibleButtonClass Class of the collapse button (if panel is declared as being collapsible)
collapsibleButtonIcon Icon to be used (from the font-awesome lib)
collapsibleButtonTitle Title of the button
context deprecated
marginHeader margin of the header within the panel
marginPadding padding of the header within the panel
style Opens an advanced styling editor for styling the element
textColor Font color
Title The title to be displayed in the headertext
TitleLogo Image to be displayed in the headerimage (jpg, png, gif)
titleTypography Special markup of the title
Property Description Values
OnActivateTriggers when the form becomes active
OnCreateTriggers when the component is created
OnDestroyTriggers when the component is destroyed
Property Description Values

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