Run your application

Once you have created your applicaiton you need to be able to run and/or debug it. There are a few basic steps you need to follow:

1. Generate your application. This can be done by clicking on the generation button on the IDE development panel. If this is the first time you need to generate the code including the runtime libraries. Clicking on the small down error shows this option. Another option is that you deploy your application runtime separately. You find this option Deployment → deploy runtime package.

2. Deploy your images. The images are stored within your runtime environment. If you have applied images then you need to deploy them separately from the runtime (Deployment → deploy images.

3. Click on the RUN button to start your application. Within the internal browser the application will show up.

Oops... bugs?

It is possible that you get a white screen; that a php errorscreen is shown, or that the application does show up, but that PHsPeed shows an additions error log regarding some mishap.

Blank screenIn general this error is caused by some error in your php code. Sometimes this can be due to an error in the runtime, but most likely in your event code somewhere. To locate the reason there are some steps to follow. Does the application respond with a json message? Then the first stage went well and you need to look into the second stage. To debug / locate the issu you can use the php debugger.
PHP error screenPHP will show a orange/red screen with error information if the basic application is not right. It will show the file and line who contain the error. After correction, regenerate the application and run again.
Applicaiton screen with additional php error.This situation mostly will occur if there is some error in your code, but the first stage went ok. The application is continued (not a fatal error) but still an error situation is trapped. In the IDE a small windrow will appear beneath the browser screen showing the file and line in error. Also there is a button which will jump to the file and line immediately once pressed.
OtherIt is also possible that there is an error in your javascript. If you startup the javascript debugger then it will show the latest errors in your JavaScript code.

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