Visual Components

Visual components are components that have a visual and interactive display on your webpage, like edit fields, checkboxes etc. Some components have a standard and a database variant, like a (db)edit field. You can create forms with fields without direct binding to a database (i.e. for a login page). There are also components that do not have a database variant or database components that do not have a 'normal' variant (ie. dbgrid).

Standard ComponentData Access variantDescription
AgendaDBAgendaAgenda module, based upon FullCalendar
API Integratorn.a.Component for integrating external API's like 'jitsi webinar'.
Buttonn.a.Bootstrap button
Carouseln.a.Bootstrap carousel
Chartsn.a.Chart module, based upon chartJS
CheckboxDBCheckboxBootstrap checkbox
CheckboxGroupDBCheckboxGroupBootstrap checkbox group
DatePickerDBCalendarDate selector
DateTimePickerDBDateTimePickerDate, Time, DateTime selector
DropDownDBLUDropdownDropdown select field, DB uses a static list
LUDBDropdownDropdown select, DB uses list from a Database table
EditDBEditEdit field for entering text
FileUploadern.a.File uploader
FileDownloadern.a.File downloader
HorizontalMenun.a.Colorful ajax menu respects Role-based access module
LabelDBLabelStatic text with a configurable label
LanguageSelectorn.a.Component to change the language to use (for multi-lingual applications)
ListBoxDBLUListBoxListbox select field. Database variant uses static lookup list
LUDBListBoxRetrieve lookup from a database table.
Menun.a.Regular Bootstrap menu respects the Role-Based Access module
MultiEditDBMultiEditMulti-line edit field
PDFBodyn.a.PDF Body, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFCelln.a.PDF Cell, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFFootern.a.PDF Footer, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFHeadern.a.PDF Header, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFImagen.a.PDF Image, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFMultiCelln.a.PDF MultiCell, based upon TCPdf implementation
PDFRown.a.PDF Row, based upon TCPdf implementation
QueryBuildern.a.End-user web-based query builder
Tabn.a.Component for creating Bootstrap tabs
ThemeSelectorn.a.Component for interactive changing the theme to use
WysiwygDBWysiwygLightweight Bootstrap HTML Editor, based upon Summernote.
DBGridDatabase grid for reports and CRUD operations.
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