FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


    What are the requirements

    PHsPeed requires Windows. It does not have special requirements except that the better the system, the better the performance will be. We test the system on a HP with an A9-9420 AMD CPU with 8 GB, Windows 10 and AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. A good working internet connection is required though.

    02 Jan 2009
    Do I have to write code?

    Most likely, yes. PHsPeed is a low-code platform, you can achieve a lot without writing a single line of code. But as your application will grow, you will find out that you need to apply your own business rules. That is done within events that are exposed to the developer.

    Besides that, PHsPeed generates a lot of additional HTML, javascript and CSS code. Depending on your needs, you might want to interfere here as well.

    But in general, if you have some basic knowledge of PHP and less regarding JavaScript, HTML(5) and CSS you will be good to go. You don't need to be a great technician to work with PHsPeed.

    01 Jan 1970
    What do I need to know?

    PHsPeed is based upon bootstrap, Using properties, PHsPeed will generate the appropriate code. But it's good to know what Bootstrap is, what you can and can't do with it. A good starting point is the bootstrap website. Another good source is w3schools.

    To learn PHsPeed, you can follow our Video channel on Vimeo, follow our webinars and read our wiki.

    26 Nov 1973

MySQL / MariaDB

    What is the default root password for MySQL/MariaDB?

    Since version 0.9.9.Z. PHsPeed has set a default password on the database, as this was required by tools like (the embedded) phpMyAdmin/Adminer.

    The used password is 'phspeedadmin'.

    04 Mar 2020
    How do I disable MySQL/MariaDB?

    If you do not want to use the embedded MySQL/MariaDB then you can disable it from the license manager, or go to Tools->Preferences and uncheck the MySQL checkbox. Then restart the IDE. If required you can insert the demo database into your external database by using the 'import MySQL sample DB'. This is the CCR mysql sample database as can be downloaded from the web. The embedded database has this one already on board for demo / sample purposes.

    04 Mar 2020