New developments

While our beta team is busy testing, and we're fixing issues, we are alread ...
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Thank you virusscanners

Due to the fact that PHsPeed is a brand new product, virusscanners can repo ...
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Closed Google+

Due to vulnerabilities, Google decided to close Google+ somewhere this year ...
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Release 0.9.9.O

Release 0.9.9.O contains further improvements and is again a step closer to the end-result
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Release 0.9.9 N

In the forum, you can find a full list of changes.
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Release 0.9.9.M

New features, enhancements and bugfixes
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • What are the requirements?

    In general you need a PC with a modern Windows (7 and higher) and browser version. Since PHsPeed is generating applications based upon Bootstrap, JQuery and Ajax, you must allow your browser to use javascript. We test our development environment on an HP laptop with windows 10, 8gig memory, AMD processor and it performes well. But - of course - the better the pc, the better the experience.

    02 Jan 2009 : 17:43
  • I run my web applications on Linux

    While the IDE runs on windows, the generated PHP code is platform independent. If you deploy your application then there are no dependencies for PHsPeed.

    01 Jan 1970 : 00:00
  • I have a Mac...

    Although we never say never, the PHsPeed IDE currently runs on Windows only.

    26 Nov 1973 : 00:52
  • I have issues with my virus scanner. Is there a virus or malware?

    We have (had) issues with Bit Defender causing the executables to get banned due to a false positive of a malware detection of some kind. We are in close contact with BD regarding that. The only way to get rid of this is by putting the executables in your white list.

    There are 3 executables involved

    This is the application that is responsible for maintaining your IDE, Library files and components. It performs version checking etc. Then it will start up phspeedide.exe.

    This application contains your ide, debugger and code generator

    subprocess32.exe / subprocess64.exe
    This application is required to allow PHsPeed to run Chromium in the IDE (the internal web browser)

    All packages on our server that are being downloaded by phspeed are encrypted. PHsPeed download these, decrypts and then installs the files. It's very unlikely that these files contain malware, or our development systems should be infected. Not impossible, but we do everything to prevent. All our development environments are protected by WebRoot, All deployed msi file and executables are digitally signed by aducom software. If you file(s) are not digitally signed then there's something wrong and you should not install.

    29 Oct 2017 : 17:59
  • Which webserver / php / database do I need to install?

    That is completely up to you. On our development systems we run WAMP but there are a lot of other options like XAMP and others. These packages are convenient as they usually contain everything you need: a webserver (useually apache), a database (usually MySQL and/or MariaDB) and PHP (usually 5.6, 7.0, 7.1).

    PHsPeed uses PDO to maintain databases and SQLite for storing temporary results. So in general you should be able to use any database you like as long as this database has a supported PDO driver. We have tested PHsPeed generated applications under PHP 7.1.9 as highest version currently.

    29 Oct 2017 : 18:08


  • What do I need to install?

    You need to install the installer/license manager from our website. Then install PHsPeed and, preferable, the PHsPeed Xampp Package. If you have issue, then please go to the video page and look at the instruction video. The Xampp webserver can be installed concurrently with other webservers as long as you keep the http port unique for each install. If you have another Xampp running than you need to install Xampp in the root of another partition, or in a directory of your choice and create a mapping. You will find all the functionality you need for this, in the installer.

    29 Oct 2017 : 17:51
  • I want to revert to a previous version. How do I do that?

    If you start PHsPeed then you will be able to click the Install button. It will bring you to a page where you can select the required version to install. Be aware that you might run into compatibility issues, i.e. if you have used components that were not there in the previous version than you will get a lot of errors obviously ;-)

    29 Oct 2017 : 17:57
  • I installed but cannot run. It tells me that I require a webserver...

    You probably forgot to install the PHsPeed Xampp package. Watch the instruction video on our video pages. If not then there's a mismatch between the configured http port and the one used in the apache.ini. Changing the port in the IDE should fix this issue. If you are running your own webserver, then you need to do that manually.

    29 Oct 2017 : 18:07


  • I installed PHsPeed, but it comes up with a preferences screen which I cannot pass.

    The preferences screen is very important because it tells PHsPeed where to find things. If you cannot get this screen then you most likely have entered wrong data or have forgotten to install the Xampp . It is important that the field is actually pointing to an existing php.exe and that the webroot is pointing to the web-root of your webserver. If you have installed PHsPeed Xampp package, then try to pick another local , then re-select PHSpeed-Xampp. If that doesn't solve your issue then check if you have installed Xampp. 

    31 Dec 2018 : 18:33
  • I generated my first application but I get a load of errors.

    Most likely you haven't deployed the runtime libraries which you need to do at least the first time you are generating your application. Use the drop-down from the generate button and select 'generate with the runtime.' If you have used images, you can select that option. By default, the runtime checkbox is checked, but if you use CSRF protection then you need to deploy this module too. If you are not sure then deploy everything. Then the application will start. See our instruction videos that explain further.

    31 Dec 2018 : 18:36
  • I get empty images in my application, while I have selected those well.

    Images are kept differently and need to be deployed separately. Just use the drop-down button from the generator and select 'generate with libraries and images.'

    31 Dec 2018 : 18:43

You can search the FAQ by entering a search string below.

Or just go to the faq page you can find

Perhaps you are interested in some instruction video's. You can find the introduction video's


The download link below will download the installer and license manager of PHsPeed. If you have issues while installing, then please look at the instruction video. PLEASE NOTE: Currently this installer can only be used by our beta test team, and invited people. If you do not belong to one of these groups, then you can't install.
Important! Aducom Software digitally signs all executables and MSI file. If your files are not digitally signed, then please do not install.

Please verify that you are running the installer version 3.1.A. or higher. Due to browser cashing we have noticed that if you have downloaded the installer previously, you could end up with an old version of the file. 

Download installer

The PHsPeed modified Xampp package will be downloaded by clicking the link below. This package is under the same license as Xampp. It is integrated into the package above but can be downloaded as a separate package to comply to its license.

Download PHsPeed Xampp