For whom?

Simply for you!

PHsPeed is suitable for a variety of users. With PHsPeed, you can create robust web applications, fully responsive, in just a fraction of the time required for traditional development. PHsPeed is a component-based RAD IDE. With the built-in form editor, you can create your form or use the available wizards to do that for you. Don't lose yourself in endless schematics that are becoming cluttered, confusing, and unclear. Let's simplify things. Using component-oriented design is like using your favorite building blocks.

Lowcode Min

  • Independent software developers
    Keeping up to date with modern technologies is a challenge. Developing software can be very time-consuming. If you are writing standard software for the public or companies, PHsPeed provides you with the tools to create and maintain solid applications in a fraction of the original time.

  • In-house development
    If you are creating software for your own company, you need to respond fast to your end-users requests. PHsPeed is an excellent tool for prototyping. Build your prototypes or let your end-users assist you in creating them. Next, go to your work desk and apply the business rules.

  • Individuals
    Why should low-code tooling be reserved for (large) companies? If you are writing software for your club, institute, or just hobby, PHsPeed is a great tool. Affordable and easy to use.

  • Students
    In many projects, you need some homemade software to help you organize your data or learn how to create applications. But you're not a software professional? Then PHsPeed still offers you a lot of functionality to create applications with a minimum of (complex) code. In many cases, you don't need to write code at all!ties oplossingen leveren aan hun klanten met behulp van het Thinkwise Platform.