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  • PHsPeed has a wrapper around PHP Mailer to send emails and that is working fine. In many cases, however, providers start making more strict rules about how to configure the connection before you can send an email. It can be because of a self-signing certificate etc. Currently we are implementing the latest version of PHPMailer that will take care of some of the issues, but not all. Be advised that in the samples of PHP Mailer there are quite some samples for you to try out. It should provide you with enough information to be able to send emails. There are some providers however that are mentioned in the PHP Mailer docs that require special attention. The default properties of our wrapper are sufficient for most connections. If you run into issues, then you need to use code to provide the additional options. As there is no real standard, it can be a puzzle to get it going. But whenever in doubt, your provider should be able to give you the required details.


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