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  • Hi,
    I liked the little blog about your background. Very recognizable. I'm not that old, but I have been involved in many things you wrote as well, and we might have the same experience with other products. I know also, that being a startup is challenging, and takes time, but I really think you should do more about advertising. There is nothing wrong with the tool. It has some things that can be improved, but I'm amazed by the flexibility, functionality, and clean code. I would do some things in the code differently, but any developer will say that. I do think that the IDE is too overwhelming currently, and perhaps you should assign a front end developer to it. It took a little time to get the hang of phspeed, but I got used to it and currently can work quite fast. And fortunately, the ticket system is really responsive! But... I really would like to see others posting here as it's too quiet currently. Is the ticket system competing with the forum? Support is responding fast, and bugs/issues/wishes are addressed professionally. Perhaps this post is a bit off-topic, but if possible I would like to help.

    I like: the ease of development, access of the generated code, the debugger (!)
    Could be improved: form editor and look and feel (why not generate an HTML form on the fly on a second screen?)
    Could be enhanced: I miss some components, but I know that you are working on them as we've discussed.
    I don't like: well, before I got the IDE to work I had to fiddle with the database connection. I've seen that it has been improved but the upgrading works perfectly, so I can't tell how it is currently. I needed support a while ago.



  • Thank you for your kind post. It is true that currently our customers are making use of the ticket system. The main reason is that it was earlier in place then the forum.
    We have had a good discussion regarding the look and feel, and some enhancements. And we do our best to make the IDE more smooth. To manage expectations, we have started designing version 2.0 and we have a front-end designer looking at it. Where we can keep the same code in both versions we will upgrade version 1.0 too. But other things will be available in version 2.0 only. Our main focus now is the 1.x branch as we have just released our software. So it will take quite some time before having 2.0 build and released. But we will report in our blogs.

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