• Important!

    As of this release, we will not maintain the bootstrap-3 libraries anymore. They are only available to support the compatibility of your current Bootstrap-3 projects, but new properties/components and libraries that are implemented will only be targeted towards Bootstrap 4. We haven't found any serious issues migrating B3 project to B4, so if you have issues, please report. To migrate, just edit your project properties and set the library to be used to Bootstrap 4. If needed save your config directory, Go to 'deployment' and choose to purge your deployed environment. Then fully regenerate including libraries and images. Restore your config directory. As of that moment, all should work well. (If you don't save the config directory then you need to reconfigure your email and database credentials if you have used them)


    • Re-implementation for drawing design panel
    • Cleaned up IDE
    • Added shortcut ^W for restoring window format
    • Fixed issue that caused duplicated javascript events in the generated code
    • All IDE functions that require a bootstrap version to be selected (preferences, libraries and packager) are now set to bootstrap 4 by default.


    • Fixed vertical alignment of a dropdown component
    • Fixed effect of property 'CanRunStandalone,' which was not respected under some circumstances.
    • Enhanced security module. It is now possible to do a 'simple' login without a database containing full RBA.
    • Fixed Bootstrap 4 compatibility for images. Added maxwidth, imgwidth and imgheight property.
    • Enhanced RBA module, now supports different encryption methods.

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