• IDE

    • PHsPeed was always started in a maximized mode. Some users were annoyed by that. In the Preferences, you can check or uncheck an option to maximize the screen. If you uncheck the option, then the IDE will remember it lasts position and size and will restore that in the next run.
    • The database configuration function has been renovated to improve usability. 
    • To ease the import of foreign libraries containing namespaces, we added the Local declarations code section. This section will be used in each library file. Put your foreign library in a folder under the _lib directory and declare the uses. Sample:


      use XeroPHP/PHPApplication/PublicApplication;
      use XeroPHP/Remote/Request;
      use XeroPHP/Remote/URL;


      The Generated code would be comparable to:

      use XeroPHP/Application/PublicApplication;
      use XeroPHP/Remote/Request;
      use XeroPHP/Remote/URL;

      class main_row_1 extends sprow {
           public function __construct($app, $form) {

    • To be able to add your own functions outside of classes we have added the global function section. The code in this section will be saved in an include file which will be loaded by your main application. Example:

      function setOAuthSession($token, $secret, $expires = null)

      // expires sends back an int
      if ($expires !== null) {
           $expires = time() + intval($expires);
      $_SESSION['oauth'] = [
           'token' => $token,
           'token_secret' => $secret,
           'expires' => $expires


    • Function in the PHP editor to add a custom PHP-function prototype to a class.
    • Fixed database connectionlist in module generator
    • Added version control
    • First version of class-tree list
    • Experimental implementation of a IDE theme editor and IDE theming (i.e. for dark-mode)
    • Fixed (Session) globals. The variable will be stored automatically into the sessionvariable.
    • Ability to add your own custom libraries (on project level and public level)
    • New function to add static folders to autoload procedure.

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