• Installer

    17-07-2019: New implementation that works with 'split files'. It appeared that from certain area's in the world the internet connection to our servers in Europ is not good enough causing downloads to fail. By breaking up the files into smaller chunks we have the advantage that we can restart and append downloading modules.


    • 17-07-2019: Preferences: Abort button changed to cancel.
    • 17-07-2019: Javascript events: events that must be there like onDocumentReady are now generated by default and do not require manual steps any more.
    • 17-07-2019: Popup for hosting applications. This allows maintenance on tables that do not have the correct data. I.e. a dropdown does not contain a certain city, you could implement a popup that allows entering it in to the lookup table.
    • 17-07-2019: Generating applications now predict the runtime modules to be deployed locally.
    • 18-07-2019: Typography property editor corrected, changes where not correctly saved.
    • 18-07-2019: Significant performance improvement on local deployment of runtime and images
    • 23-07-2019: Class compiling is now done by JIT principle, enhancing debugging response times
    • 23-07-2019: Debugging now opens new source file tab, preventing multiple loads of same file while debugging. Enhances response times.
    • 25-07-2019: Changed project options so that on new projects the default connection and layout are not set.
    • 25-07-2019: Changed layout property as the system now works with templating.
    • 25-07-2019: Fixed issue on locales, the system will now verify the default against the selected locales.
    • 31-07-2019: Fix: Local access to bootstrap.js and popper.js
    • 31-07-2019: Enh: Support for fontawsome 5.x. Preference can be set at project level (project->options)
    • 04-08-2019: Enh: Improved debugging for (database) errors in Ajax environment

    Runtime libs:

    • 17-07-2019: Fixed manual query lookup, code was broken by the master-detail query
    • 24-07-2019: Enhanced pdf components (wrapper around TCPDF)
    • 04-08-2019: Improvements on debugging events for IDE
    • 09-08-2019: Modifications to TTable and TQuery components. TQuery is now derived from TTable
    • 09-08-2019: Modifications to TSimpleQuery to prepare the 'hidden' component to become a selectable component. Main difference to  TQuery is that the component is solely used for lookups and quick SQL operations.
    • 10-08-2019: First implementation of DBCrud component (needed for crud operations on TQuery components, not to be confused with the standard Crud operation of the TTable components)

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