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Be inspired, design, develop and deploy

PHsPeed is a Low-Code component-based RAD PHP development platform. From prototype to production within the shortest possible time. PHsPeed is an ideal solution that matches your agile approach. Be inspired, design, develop and deploy your web applications on all mobile platforms (Bootstrap 4 based)

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Beyond your imagination

No fake promises, no vendor or platform lock-in, just a realistic tool to realize your ideas. A tool for non-technicians to the fully trained developer. PHsPeed helps you with its component-based approach. Fully responsive (bootstrap) and database-independent (PDO).

PHP and the World Wide Web...

Let's face it. PHP is supported by nearly any web hoster out there. PHsPeed generates PHP web applications that are easily deployed. It contains modules for role-based access and audit trail. It is loaded with features to create pdf's, emailing, two-factor authentication, GoogleMaps, and much much more!

Low-code or no-code

If the solution is standard, then so is your problem? In PHsPeed you can create applications without a single line of code. But we don't dare to call that a no-code platform. So let's be real here. We haven't seen user demands that could be fixed without a single line of code. No coding tools have all kind of menus to allow you to interfere in application flow or complex schematics that becomes messy. Most of the time, a few lines of simple PHP is enough...

Beyond your imagination

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Our focus is to let you make the best software. But sometimes you need some special attention, like additional resources, courses, training and more.

Aducom Software

Aducom Software


We are the main developers of PHsPeed. We focus on improving PHsPeed and are always in search of good ideas. So please let us know! But we can't do all. So for additional services, please see our gold partners.



Gold Partner Mexico

For our overseas PHsPeed environment, we have a partnership with Jadeway Software. For consultancy, system development (in PHsPeed), training, etc. please get in touch with Jadewaysoftware



Gold Partner Spain

For our European PHspeed environment, we have a partnership with Komenco IT Solutions. For consultancy, system development (in PHsPeed), training, etc. please get in touch with Komenco

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