Professional Low-Code PHP development

Superfast workflow from design to production

Create full responsive webapplications with ease and speed, with a minimum of code

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build upon PHP 7.x - 8.x, Bootstrap 4, PDO (Database independent), JQuery and Ajax

Visual form designer, Full PHP Debugging, Javascript debugging, Application and module generator and much, much more...

What is PHsPeed

PHsPeed is a component based, Rad, PHP application generator / IDE. From prototype to production within the shortest possible time. PHsPeed is an ideal solution that matches your agile approach. Design your master UI layout, and view it on all mobile platforms (Bootstrap 4 based)

  • Drag-and-drop visual and non-visual components from the palette using our visual designer
  • Visually connect user interface elements to data sources pointing to a PDO aware database
  • Use any of the available components, like edit boxes, grids, calendars, uploader etc. etc.
  • Generate basic cruds forms, grids and combo applications by selecting a database table and just click one button
  • Generate basic panels containing elements from a database table
  • Change properties like colors, labels by ajax events without writing a single line of javascript (all php!)
  • Debug your code with the embedded PHP Debugger and Javascript debugger

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PHsPeed is loaded with functionality to create your application manually, partially automated, and fully automated. Design, Generate, Check your prototype, Debug custom code if you have any and Deploy..

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