Release 0.9.9 N

In the forum, you can find a full list of changes.
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Release 0.9.9.M

New features, enhancements and bugfixes
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Release 0.9.9 N


In the forum, you can find a full list of changes. This version is mainly focussed on making PHsPeed production ready. Improvements in the IDE, components and the installer as well.

The major change in this release is within the installer to fix install issues if the web server is not on the same root as the IDE. Another important addition is the introduction of the #$ short notation.

Introduced #$ short notation. For identifiers, $$id was translated to $app->someobject->id 
In case of events, i.e., onSubmit it is possible to see which component caused the trigger. #$ does something similar, #$id will be translated to someobject->id. It is used in statements like these:

switch($key) {
  case '#$btn_1' :
     $$mail_1->host = $$email_server->value;

that will be generated as (assume module id is 'config_email')

  case 'config_email_btn_1' :
     $app->config_email_mail_1->host = $app->config_email_email_server->value;

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