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Due to vulnerabilities, Google decided to close Google+ somewhere this year. We didn't want to wait for that and decided to close and delete our Google+ account. As this group was for selected users only, we have been searching for some alternative. Because we are narrowing in on our first official release, we decided to start working on this website and start publishing progress on our forum. We have installed 'Flyspray' as our bug tracker and started working on videos and wiki. For new users finding this site, we are currently building up this website and documentation. Currently, you can download but not install the software because you need a password and it's only free for our beta test team and some other selected persons. Sorry about that. If you want to keep informed when we release PHsPeed, then please send us a message with your name and email. We comply with the EU privacy laws, which means that you have to permit us to send you an unnoticed email. 

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