Thank you virusscanners


If you install PHsPeed, then it is possible that you get false virus reports regarding PHsPeed.

License Manager (phspeed.exe)

The license manager requires the internet to look for updates and license info. Due to European privacy laws, we are very strict in our data security. The license manager transfers data between our servers and your pc in a secured way. First we use https, second, we have our messages encrypted. But apparently, virus scanners don't like that.

subprocess32.exe and subprocess64.exe

To be able to use Chromium, which is the browser and JavaScript debugger we have incorporated in PHsPeed, we need a 'stub' that is responsible for the integration. It's just a process spawner, but some virus scanners don't like that either.

it is obvious that we are in contact with anti-virus companies, but that's a slow process. Some have stated that the problem will be solved automatically as soon as the product gets to be used more, others state that as long as we have the software digitally signed that the 'thread' is reported only, but not quarantined, and one company ( have offered to whitelist the application as soon as it has reached its final state. 

Fact is that we currently have to face the situation. If you get false notifications then whitelist the following executables (but only if they are digitally signed by aducom software which you can verify by selecting the executable in with your mouse and perform a right mouse-click. will find the option to check the digital sign): phspeed.exe, phspeedide.exe, subprocess32.exe / subprocess64.exe

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