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Currently, we are working on two new features. The first feature is that we are developing a compiler that generates a full class tree with all the inherited properties and methods. This development has a few milestones, but we will be able to assist your coding on the fly. Often it is difficult to remember the properties of inherited classes, and sometimes you simply forget the $this->. We hope to fix these issues by the (pre) compiler. In the the first edition of this software will be deployed and it will show you the class tree.


The second feature we are working on is a version control unit. If you save a file then already a backup file is generated. But until now, you had to locate and correct if you needed them by hand. In the version panel, you will be able to see all the backup files. Another option is that you can get an overview of the changes between files. Many developers know this feature as a 'diff' function.

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