Release 0.9.9.Q Build 3


This release brings a lot of new features and enhancements to the IDE of PHsPeed, and has a lot of improvements within the IDE, Generator and Run time libraries. The major changes are:

  • Within the PHP editor, multi-file editing is supported. If you follow the component trace, then the system will open a new edit file on each level.
  • You can force open a file in multi-edit mode by keeping the control key down while clicking on the file
  • The editors have now full version control. You can open the version scroll tab, and the system will show you all stored versions.
  • You can open a versioned view to see a full diff report towards the current version and/or several versions in comparison. If you have lost things, you can restore () your code from backup.
  • This release introduces a file uploader. It is based upon the version found at

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