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Today we have released version 0.9.9.T Build 2 of PHsPeed. It's been a while that we have released a new version for the special interest group. The main reason is that we had a few issues we needed to solve first. In the first place, we wanted to support PHP 7.3. Because Xampp does not support PHP 7.3 in a 32 bits environment, we had to create a 64 bits package that contained our distribution version of Xampp. That introduced a new problem, the method that we use to start and stop the PHP/MySQL services did not work anymore. In the deployed version, PHsPeed will start and stop the services by invoking Windows itself of relying on Xampp functionality. So, the full package is now 64 bits and what else is new? After we 'skipped' a few releases, at least for the sig.

  • First of all, we have implemented an initial version of a template system. Within the root component, you can now assign a template to the layout property. It replaces the header, footer and detail property. 
  • We implemented the latest version of bootstrap, currently 4.3
  • We implemented the latest versions of the used component libraries. Most important the bootstrap-table component. We also implemented a lot of new features around this database grid component
  • We now support PHP version 5.6, 7.1,  7.2 and 7.3 (no, not 7.0)
  • We implemented the latest version of Chromium, the embedded web browser, and improved the functionality. It now supports most functions that regular browser have. Also we fixed the freezing issue when using the JavaScript debugger.
  • We improved the CSS editor and functions
  • We implemented an SQL editor. Now you can create SQL statements in a graphical sense.
  • and a lot more...

No PHsPeed is not yet open for the public. We appreciate your interest in our brand-new product. We are confident that we will release a first version somewhere this year. But before that, we work with our own beta test team and  a few people that are in our 'special interest group' to test PHsPeed. Only until both groups have no significant issues any more we will move a step forward and release. There is never a second chance for a first impression. We are not in a hurry and we want to deliver only the best. Hope you understand. If you like to be kept informed than please subscribe to our newsletter.

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