End of support PHP 5.6


PHP 5.6 End of life... We decided to end support of PHP 5.6. Effectively this means that we will not test our run time against PHP 5.6. For now, it will not be an issue as we will not remove 5.6 from our Xampp pool, as you might need it for compatibility but we encourage everybody to migrate their sources towards PHP 7.x. To us, PHP 5.6 support is obsolete.

It is very likely that we will introduce PHP 7.x specific things in our runtime in the near future. That will break 5.6 projects, although we believe that most of the projects build in PHsPeed can be migrated by just recompiling. But if you have 5.6 depending code in your events or libraries, then you have some work to do which cannot be automated. 

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