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Within PHsPeed we try to follow the PHP releases as soon as possible. As we don't want to support old-dated PHP versions we have deprecated PHP 5.6. That means that you can still use it, but we will not test our new run times against this version. I advise everybody to upgrade to at least php 7.3, which is quite common currently and supported by most providers.

Some of you requested us to make the supported PHP versions configurable. That way you could omit PHP versions that are not used anyway, and thus doesn't need to be installed. It will occupy less space and increase donwload and install times. We are investigating options, but we are close to a solution for this 'problem'.

Some of you have been asked about our roadmap. Yes we do have a roadmap, but currently we are working hard to get PHsPeed as stable as can be so we can release our first version. But new things on our list are:

  • A more advanced module for data sets in regards to the charting functions
  • An implementation for 2-way authentication using Google Authenticator
  • An implementation for OAuth
  • An implementation for creating Rest servers and services

But as long as we are still working on our current release we cannot give any dates.But most likely not in 1.0.

If you have ideas or questions then please sent them to us by email.

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