PHP 7.4 And more....


We're working hard to get our first version ready. Currently, we have upgraded a lot of our components to the latest versions, support PHP 7.4, the debug client supports the latest release of XDebug, we have an initial implementation of, added more application generators. Our beta testers are also busy testing the software, documentation and more.

We have been offline for about a day or so, due to the fact that our provider hosting our website marked us as spreading malware. It was a false positive, which was confirmed by their technician checking our site, but it took us a lot of time to get the site unlocked never the less. It's not that we argue against providers checking their servers for potential issues. On the contrary. However, we fail to see why unlocking a site should take over a day after verifying that the site was signaled as a false positive and that we had to wait for a full recovery from backup.

It is for that reason why we are moving our site away to another host, which will take place in the upcoming weeks. That's why there is not much activity here as we maintain our bug tracker on the other site, as well as updates. But despite the silence on this site, be aware that we work hard to get everything in place soon.

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