Release 0.9.9 N

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Release 0.9.9.M

New features, enhancements and bugfixes
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Step 3: Deploy


Once you have tested your application you want to deploy your application. To the intranet, to the internet. With PHsPeed you have an integrated FTP client that can upload the full source code, libraries and images to the destination you require. Another option is to generate a zip file containing all you need to deploy.

While developing and generating your applications you will notice that the generated code is full of statements that are required for the integrated debugging. PHsPeed has an option where you can remove all comments and debugging code before you deploy for production purposes.

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The download link below will download the installer and license manager of PHsPeed. If you have issues while installing, then please look at the instruction video. PLEASE NOTE: Currently this installer can only be used by our beta test team, and invited people. If you do not belong to one of these groups, then you can't install.
Important! Aducom Software digitally signs all executables and MSI file. If your files are not digitally signed, then please do not install.

Please verify that you are running the installer version 3.1.A. or higher. Due to browser cashing we have noticed that if you have downloaded the installer previously, you could end up with an old version of the file. 

Download installer

The PHsPeed modified Xampp package will be downloaded by clicking the link below. This package is under the same license as Xampp. It is integrated into the package above but can be downloaded as a separate package to comply to its license.

Download PHsPeed Xampp