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Developers need to have a lot of skills before they are able to create good working web applications. They need to know (a lot of) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a scripting language like PHP and much, much more.
With you can make development more easy, faster and more robust. Applications build with PHspeed are fully mobile aware (bootstrap), database independent (PDO), widely supported (PHP) and because of the Case-tool, RAD and Component technology highly effective.

is component based. That means that most of the bootstrap objects like edits, checkboxes, forms etc. are represented as a visual component on the design panel. Selecting the component you can put it on your form where it's properties, client events (JavaScript) and server events (PHP) are shown. You can change the behavior of the components by changing properties and/or applying to events. 

Case tool

If you have a database table then you can easily generate a default application as a basis for additional development. Assigning a database table and required template, PHsPeed will generate a full working CRUD application, grid or both. 


is a true RAD application tool. You can create basic prototypes without writing code, use that as a basis for adding business rules by adding PHP code to events, change forms by a visual designer, use one of the many debugging tools to trace issues, optimize code for deployment and much much more. 

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