Release Version 0.9.9.X build 3

Close to RC1

Today we have released build 3 of version 0.9.9.X. We are close to our first RC 1 release. This version fixes a lot of open ends that were found by our Beta team members and our own internal testing. The work is not done yet. So as long as we are in beta, minor issues are to be expected.

In the upcoming period, we will also work on our installer procedure. Due to its size, some members experience difficulties while downloading. Currently, the system will abort and restart from where it finished, but despite that, it might be difficult to get all parts together. As the build-in Xampp is optional, it also requires some setup and that might bring issues. As most of you will not use their own web server we decided to change that also.

So what does that mean? First of all we are moving to a faster host, and are looking at mirrors to host the software, Secondly, PHsPeed will be part of the install and basic setup will be set to work with this server. It's a package of our own based upon the mobile version of Xampp, but with PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.4 and XDebug enabled. For users that do not require this, or use a different database setup, they are then able to change the required preferences.

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