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Welcome to the world of PHsPeed

What is PHsPeed?
PHsPeed is a Component based RAD PHP development system based upon Bootstrap (Mobile first!), PDO (Database independency), JQuery, Ajax, and PHP 5.6, 7 and up. The IDE consists of a screen designer, relevant syntax aware editors for php, css, html and javascript, and a lot of standard components to build your (mobile) application fast and reliable. While testing your application you can make use of the inbuild XDebug client that allows you to set breakpoints, step through code, investigate the values of variables in runtime etc. Also you are able to follow the message process between the web browser and the application, investigate json objects, $GET, $POST, $SESSION etc.


That sounds technical...
For developers this does not sound technical. If you are looking into PHsPeed as a non-developer, then yes, you can create applications without a single line of PHP Code. But we are convinced that within the shortest amount of time you will feel the need to adjust the code to your wish. Therefore if you have no development skills, or do not want to develop them, then PHspeed  might not be the right product for you. Our support forum will only address issues that are connected with the use of PHsPeed. For basic php, javascript, css and html issues we advise you to use .

That doesn't sound technical
If you are a PHP developer then we believe that we have created an amazing product. You will be able to create and deploy your applications in an amazing short time. And there's more to come in the following releases. Our application generator within PHsPeed is under full development currently, which will shorten your development time even further.

Ok... Suppose I want a label above an edit field to change in an ajax event. Difficult?

With PHsPeed you just put the edit field and a button on the form, allocate an ajax event and change the label propery of the field. Need to change the text on the button? Same way! That's it! If you had to write it fully manually you should be able to create a html form, apply bootstrap, add some javascript to perform the remote calls, write php code to bind it all together... With PHsPeed you will be able to create high responsive (Bootstrap: mobile first!) application in just a fraction of the time, without loosing control.

function Btn_1_onClick()
   global $app;
   $$label_1->label='onclick: the new label after-the-click';
   $$label_1->value='onclick: the new value world after-the-click';
  $$btn_1->label='new text on the button';

$$ is that valid php?
No it isn't . PHsPeed has a lot of features that makes life more easy. If you create components and combine forms into one applications then PHsPeed needs to generate unique object names. They are derived by the module name. But to avoid to enter statements like $app->main_label_1->label='onclick: the new label after-the-click'; you can use the $$ short notation.

Components, properties, events...
Yes, that's what PHsPeed is all about. You design your forms, put components on them, apply properties (in the property editor for defaults or by PHP), apply events (php events, javascript events) and then generate your application. The components pages have components to layout your form following the bootstrap standards, have components for editing and displaying data, have data-aware components to ease development of your database driven applications, have components for emailing etc. etc. You can also create master-detail forms, embed data aware grids, create lookup fields and there is more to come. All available in a visual development environment, with a XDebug client allowing you to debug your code, a JSon viewer to allowing you to look into the json objects that are used to move data between your form and application,  with viewers to look into the raw html messages, $_Post/$_Get, $_Session. With an evaluator to watch the content of variables.

Where can I read more?
Well, the most documentation can be found on our wiki. It describes the $app application, the $$ short notation, but also keyboard shortcuts to generate parts of code. To avoid testing your application in full to find out if you have made some php mistakes, you can pre-compile your code to see if there are syntax errors before even generating the code. There's a lot to be described. But please feel free to look through our wiki.

What about support

Of course we take our customer pool serious. It's not the art of finding new customers, it's the art of keeping them! We are open in what we do. We have a public accessible bug tracker and forum, we have a protocol when you discover security issues. We are open for suggestions, we arrange webinars and make instruction movies.

How do I access the forum and bugtracker?
All our (trial) customers get direct access to our forum and bug tracker. Non-customers can only view the forum. Why? Because we don't like spam and our forum got spammed even in the webdesign phase.