Coalition for inclusion

A community project for the UN treaty of disabled people...

Aducom Software has been creating all kinds of software for special education and building community software for 'inclusion'. The coalition for inclusion in the Netherlands is an organization that is focused on the UN treaty of disabled people. You can read more about this coalition here:

We are proud that we are allowed to renew the community application that keeps track of all kinds of expertise in the field of disabilities in the Netherlands. The application shows the different people offering expertise in GoogleMaps and allows people to come into contact with them. In the back-office application, people can maintain their profile.

What makes this application special is that it is accessible for people with visual disabilities. In Bootstrap, there are special tags that are reserved to allow screen readers to 'read' the screens for visually disabled people. The PHsPeed components have properties that will translate into these tags, and thus making applications accessible for blind people.

Besides GoogleMaps, the application makes use of emailing the community, offers Multi-factor authentication, and by using the latest feature of PHsPeed it is a perfect showcase to show the capabilities of PHsPeed. Building the application has been quite without issues. Everything comes out of the standard components that PHsPeed offer, although not code-less, the amount of coding required was close to nothing. Even as maintainers of PHsPeed we were amazed by this. That might sound strange, but while we mostly focus on the maintenance of PHsPeed, we sometimes oversee the possibilities. It is always a good lesson to pick up some projects and build them in your own tooling. Only then we can see what features are missing, or issues that arise. It also makes us humble to the community.

It is obvious that the above application is built in the latest version of PHsPeed, a version that is not out yet. Building the application is a good beta test for the stability of the new release.

Do you have a good showcase? Please let us know!

Happy coding!

17 Mar 2021 Blog None