Entered our final stage

Today we released version 0.9.9.Z Build one. This is our final stage before releasing the software. There's still a lot to do regarding video's, manuals and more, however the software will nog make much more changes as from now on.

Since today we have entered our final beta stage before going live. Regarding functionality, we will only fix issues that are found by our beta team and only add new functionality which is needed to make our version 1.0 more mature.

In this release we bring a bit more functionality.

  1. Charts can be generated from (complex) queries. So far, you needed to supply the chart data manually, but now you can combine manual and database data.
  2. We enhanced the carousel component so that more bootstrap options has become available.
  3. We enhanced the generic libraries so that you can now add php and javascript as separate library functions. As we use PHsPeed to create our own applications, we found out that integrating 2Checkout (our payment provider) needed this functionality.
  4. We further improved the form designer and try to bring a better user experience. This is an ongoing process as there is always something to improve wink
  5. The license manager has changed. This was necessary to support alpha, beta and production releases. If you are using an older version of PHsPeed you MUST upgrade your license manager by downloading and installing it from this website.

Of course we also applied a bunch of smaller additions, corrections. They can be found on our bugtracker.

29 Feb 2020 Releases None