Going live?

Currently the first applications hit the web. We're almost there....

PHsPeed going live?

First of all, I want to thank all of our beta users and potential customers for their patience. Currently we are finishing our first edition of PHsPeed, and are working hard to organize all that is needed to go live. So, no we are not quite ready yet, but expect to be in a couple of weeks. We aim at the 1st of October.

Having said that, it does not mean that we will open up for everybody. Although some of our beta users are already developing projects and have deployed on the web, it doesn't mean that we expect not to find issues. In fact, as everybody has their own use we still expect to get some issues in the beginning. But so far, we were able to fix all the issues in a pretty short period of time, and we are confident that we will be able to maintain that.

However, as a startup, there is a limit on our capabilities. We want to provide state-of-the-art support. With a limited amount of resources, we can't do that if we allow loads of new users in a short period of time. For that reason we will open up on a sliding scale, and we will not advertize. Quality will sell itself.

How can you apply? Well, to avoid a high pressure on our support, we expect you to follow a webinar that will introduce you to PHsPeed. If you do not follow that, then you will not be able to install PHsPeed. The number of participants is limited to help us to learn from the questions. To help you further we have already created some basic courseware that you can follow to learn more about the product. Videos are on their way as well.

Of course, as soon as we have scaled up, then we will open the product for everybody that is interested. As there is never a second chance for a first impression, we want to grow.... gradually wink I know I have written that several times.


Yes, we do have a list of wishes and ideas. In fact we have a ton of things on our list that is very interesting to add to PHsPeed, including the option that users can create their own components. But don't expect this to happen soon. Depending on the demand to our support team and development, we will see how much resources is left for enhancements. But if the product grows, we will too.

PHP 8.0

Yes, we will support PHP 8. Most likely not the same day as it comes out, but as soon as our other tooling is ready we will implement PHP 8.0. That doesn't mean that we will rewrite our runtime immediately. But it is logical, that if we can improve things, we will. Current supported PHP version is 7.4 (the latest).

Bootstrap 5

This is a bit more difficult. We started developing based upon Bootstrap 3. When BS4 came out there were a lot of incompatibilities, and most used components were not ready for BS4. In some situations we had to find alternatives. Currently BS3 has been removed and we only support BS4. We managed to stay compatible, users that used applications on BS3 could easily migrate to BS4. That's why the Card element in Bootstrap 4 is called a Panel in PHsPeed, which was the name for BS3. But it is obvious that when BS5 comes out, it will be depending on the speed of the components to become available under BS5 before we can migrate. More likely that we will follow a similar approach with BS3 to BS4. You will be able to develop under BS5, but only for those components available. Over time, others will follow. It's a matter of choice.

Security issues

We have taken a lot of measures to make PHsPeed applications as safe as possible. But we are using MIT libraries that can have issues. PHP can have issues. Your own custom code can introduce issues. But despite all that, we take security very seriously. If you find a security issue, please do not post on the forum for everybody to see, but send an email to security at phspeed.com. We will contact you for more details. It is always helpful if you have ideas to fix, a movie to show the issue etc.


We have an open bugtracker that can be read by anyone. There are some rules however. There is no way that we will put effort in a bug report that tells us that 'coloring sometimes doesn't work' and not providing more input. If you report an issue, it needs to be reproducable and well documented so that we have something to work on. In general fixing issues will be fast.

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