Our first birthday

This month we celebrate our first birthday. And we have a treat for you..

This month we celebrate our first anniversary. It has been a remarkable year. Releasing software in a pandemic world is a challenge. But we didn't want to wait any longer after working so hard on PHsPeed. Positive reactions and the first applications running on the web within a few months. Today we look back and see a fantastic story of enhancements, positive feedback, and a solid userbase that helps us to bring the product further by bringing ideas, (beta) testing, and all. What amazes us is the amount of energy that we get from this. With great pride, we can already announce that we are working on version 2.0, which brings a lot of new features that are in high demand of our users.

Code completion. The editor will be aware of the component classes and properties and allow a faster input of code.

Application wizard. We extended the application wizard. It is now possible to apply additional parameters to allow update grids to update/delete icons and functions directly. It also allows assigning a dbquery instead of a dbtable which makes creating reporting grids faster and easier than ever! Another new feature is the ability to generate a calendar / agenda application.

Enhancement DBGrid. Long waiting function to allow totals and grand totals on columns. You can also apply functions like avg, min, and max. Another feature that had a high demand is the ability of a refined search. It will generate a side panel containing the selected items for fast filtering of the database table. The property editor now allows a bulk edit of the essential properties. This prevents a lot of mouse clicks if you have a group of fields that requires property changes.

Geolocation. It is possible to apply automatic geolocation. The user will be asked for permission to get his location that is returned in your application as a lat/long pair. It is a valuable feature in a social application to search for specific items around the person. For instance, to locate restaurants, petrol stations, services, etc., within a certain range of the user.

Filtering with session variables. Currently, if you need to change the filter or make it depending on a variable condition, you need to use some PHP code to achieve that. Now it is possible to use session variables within a filter.

Tables using a fixed filter. As PHsPeed creates filters dynamically, the developer needs to be aware of additional filtering if additional security is required. For instance, to filter data so that a leader of a department can only view his department's data, you had to append a filter clause to force that. In 2.0, a fixed filter property will be applied to every query you perform on the component.

New components. Currently, there are two new components. The first one is a simple review component where users can score a certain value by adding stars. That way you can score to a maximum of 0 to 5 stars, including a half value.  Another new component is a lanes component that allows you to create 'kanban' like boards that enable you to drag/drop elements from one lane into another.

Are you interested in PHsPeed?  Because it is our birthday, we have a special offer for you. Take a trial for 30 days. Once you have received your extension send an email to support at phspeed dot com using the same email that you have used to register with subject 'birthday'. We will enhance your trial license to 60 days. That should give you plenty of time to test PHsPeed. Questions? Use our forum or service desk to find out our fast response. And if you decide to buy a license we will extend your license for 3 months. Existing user? We haven't forgotten you. If you have registered for our newsletter then you already know all the details. Renew your license now and you will get the 3-month extension as well! This offer is only valid for 2021. Plenty of time to consider. But why wait until the release of 2.0? Our current version already has a lot to offer. Welcome to the world of PHSpeed!

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