PHP 8 is out. And now...

... now it is not a secret that we have started implementing PHP 8 in PHsPeed. Because we need to do a lot of testing and we want to improve some features, it will take a while before we are able to deploy the new version. But we are working hard and expect to release a new version of PHsPeed this year. So what is going to happen?

First of all, we will fix the compatibility issues, which means that we will maintain the current runtime and code generation.

Second, the PHsPeed Xampp version has become quite large. Current customers have a valid argument that most of them do not require all PHP versions from 7.1 and up. Most of the current user pool is using 7.4 and would like to be able to install only the PHP versions that they need. So we are making some changes here.
We are already working on version 2.0 which will include a lot of new features that we will explain later in the time, but we don't want to maintain 2 fully separated source codes. Therefore we will implement new features in a way so that we can use them in the 1.0 and 2.0 branches. 
This means that we will implement a new PHP installer, that makes it possible to uninstall PHP versions (currently PHsPeed installs new versions without deleting the old) and to install new PHP versions. This reduces the download size of the PHsPeed Xampp package and will avoid garbage.

New features that are currently under build are the ability to add a separate PHsPeed application panel for Crud and Grid applications. It is already possible to generate a full working PHP Crud module based upon a table, but this feature will allow adding a similar function within the same module. This makes master-detail relations significantly more easy and development time even faster.


More information soon!

Happy Coding!

05 Dec 2020 Blog None