PHsPeed Version 2.1 in Q2

Development never stops!

It's been a while that Version 2 came out. And, of course, development is continuing at full speed, which means that we are pretty far towards version 2.1. This blog lets you know what bug fixes there will be and what the enhancements are.

The casing of table and field names.
First of all, and not all in the bug tracker, we have fixed some issues in our IDE that had problems accessing data with casing. It appeared to be an issue in the software that we use to retrieve metadata, and we managed to fix that issue.

Issues with autonumbering fields in MsAccess
Autonumbered fields in MsAccess have been a puzzle as the autonumbering is defined on table level and not on field level. We are still searching for a permanent solution. But for now, if you have autonumbering in use and have used the application wizard, then you need to modify the generated crud application a bit. First of all, open the DBTable component's fields property and apply the field that has the autonumbering. Second, go to the form designer, select the primary key's field, and set its properties to 'read-only' and required to 'no'.

Other fixes are documented in our bug tracker. Currently, we are working on the improvement of the application wizard. The reported bug is not a bug in the 'real sense' because it was about a deprecated function, but after internal discussions, we decided to redesign it. It is not entirely done yet, but it will take part in our new release.

So what are the new features?
First of all, we started to merge the dbdropdown component. The current version is sometimes misunderstood (what are the differences) as both components lead to the same runtime. In the updated component you can select which data sources are in use, and that means that you can use it as a stand-alone lookup but also as a data bound lookup. Please avoid using the deprecated component.

The application wizard will be enhanced.
It is possible to apply tabs, and configuring the applications to generate has been improved

PHP 8.1
It was already available, but in 2.1 PHP 8.1 is officially supported.

Role-based access module and multi-factor authentication
The RBA module is renewed, and you can create the full RBA, including template functions for RBA access and MFA from the same menu. You can also create tables for templates, preferences, and audit trails.

Configuration files
From the IDE, you can now create the encrypted configuration file for the database connection required when you deploy to your production site.

Load and debug single PHP files
This feature was requested by many of you. Until now, you could only debug your PHP applications as part of a PHsPeed project. But now, you can load a single PHP file and run it from the IDE.

Enhanced DBGrid
Another feature that is now available is the form search option. It allows you to define grid columns where users can enter their search criteria. We have a free query component, but this appeared to be too flexible for many users. The developer can design the search form and allow users to focus on just entering search data.

For (Db)edit fields, a new property can force the data to lowercase or UPPERCASE.

Save status
It is now possible to warn the user if they close the form while there are pending updates.

The main question is: when does it all become available? If we follow our internal roadmap, it should be at the start of Q2. Currently, we are ahead of that schedule. For users eager to start with this version, we regularly release pre-releases. That way, we can get early-adopter input of bugs and wishes. We want to avoid the situation that when we release a new version, the users will encounter loads of bugs.

Let us know your ideas and wishes.
Happy coding!

08 Feb 2022 Blog None