RC3 Coming up

RC3 is the latest release before going live....

RC3 is about to come out. What does it bring?

First of all, I am grateful to all (beta) users for their input. It's been quite a rollercoaster, not only because of COVID. Building a product is one, but building an ecosystem around it, is at least as challenging. But we have a date! It is planned to go live in October 2020.

Currently, we are in the final test with 2Checkout so that we are able to sell PHsPeed worldwide, and comply with all kinds of international rules. We are in contact with some power users for partnerships and reselling. And, last but not least, we are writing documentation and working on movies. A continuous process as PHsPeed will move on with new features on a regular basis.

The process of selling will be done as follows (keep in mind that we have to comply with EU privacy laws, so we have been very cautious to prevent leaks).

  • (Trial) Users can download and install PHsPeed from this website. The download is fully digitally signed and contains the license manager. Registration of the product happens in the license manager, therefore it will contact our server using https and an encrypted protocol.
  • Once registered, the trial user has a three days trial period. In that period of time, we will send an email containing a license for the remaining 27 days.
  • The trial user is encouraged to create an account on this website, using the same email address while registering the product. From within the license manager, the user can activate his account. Needed to access the user forums.
  • After 20 days the trial user will receive an invitation and link to buy a license. It is not possible to buy the product in the first 20 days. The reason is that we want to be sure that the trial user has used the product and decided that it's a good product for him/her. We do not have a refund policy for this reason.
  • If the trial user decides to buy a license, then his account will be upgraded immediately.

So version RC3?

  • The ecosystem of payment with our payment provider is fully built using PHsPeed, even the CRON applications are. To be able to test the services (especially the IPN procedures) we needed to be able to use post runtime variables. In the current implementation, these parameters were bound to get and worked on a project basis. The implementation in RC3 supports GET and POST; and you can set variables on a module basis. For POST variables, the system will start with an input form, allowing you to enter data for each post var. This makes testing of API consumers more easily.
  • Reusable lookup forms. Ever needed to pop up a form to select some data and then use the selected date on your main form? In RC3 it is possible to make a building block with a form and bind that using a modal integration with your current form. Not only the key value is passed, but you can retrieve the full set of data to allow additional fields to be set. I.e. you need a personal number, but after selecting it, based upon the name or birthdate, you want to display the name and address as well. Now it is easy.
  • Master-detail relationships can now be set with a multilevel approach.
  • Blank applications allow you to create form-less applications (like for the financial gateway), but allows the use of non-visual components, like email, database etc.
  • We upgraded several libraries and the internal browser (Chromium) is upgraded to 84.3.10+ga46056b+chromium-84.0.4147.105
  • PDO settings are made more simple
  • We have upgraded the installation procedure for better user experience (No need for extensive parameter setting), default settings should be sufficient for most users.
  • Creating and using Javascript and PHP generic/project libraries has been improved.
  • It is now possible to organize your project modules in logical units. Especially handy for larger projects
  • The project manager now supports multi-project directories
  • Deploying applications has been redesigned. It is also possible to promote the code but leave the error-tracing intact so you can run on your local machine as if it were production.

And we applied a couple of fixes.

The upcoming weeks will be used to test PHsPeed deeper and writing more documentation. We enjoy doing so!

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