Release 0.9.9.Y B4 PRC1

We are closing in on our release date. Still a lot needs to be done, a stable release is one, but documentation, videos, payment provider ....

Currently, we are fixing open ends in our software. To be able to do so, we are in close contact with a number of beta testers. They come from everywhere, from Mexico, South Afrika, Australia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Costa Rica, France, Germany... We're very grateful to all the people who are working hard to help us to get ready.

Technical changes:

We have been releasing version 0.9.9.Y build 4 PRC1. In this release, we have introduced a new install procedure that should make installing the software way easier. In the first place, the webserver is now part of the main install procedure and is no longer a separate install. Basically it runs on port 8010 and should not interfere with your own web server if you have any. But if it does, change port. You can disable the server, but then you have to maintain all the other required modules, like XDebug. As we maintain a PHsPeed optimized Xampp version, we also deploy a MariaDB database containing a sample database that can be found in the open-source (employee). The samples on this website make use of this database that contains over 1.3 million salary records and around 350.000 fake people. It's a good showcase to investigate performance.

In the current situation, you can also install beta releases of PHsPeed, without interfering with your standard release. The beta releases are meant for our beta test team, but if you are a valid user, you can also install the betas.

Another feature, but an older one, is the possibility to revert back to an older version of the software. So if you upgrade and run into issues, then you can always revert back to the version that did not bring issues. You can also opt for keeping the older version and install the new version fresh, besides the old release. All up to you.

We try to stay in line with the latest release of our components, bootstrap, libraries, etc. It doesn't mean that we will implement these within a few days after release wink In general, we need to test to see if the new version has issues with our other modules. If there are conflicts, then we need to search for solutions. With the release of Bootstrap 4, it took a while before the open-source community had changed all their components to support BS4. We have helped where we could, but it took a while. Nowadays it is not an issue, but with the new release of Bootstrap (5), we might encounter similar issues.

The final point is the support of PHP 7.4. It appeared that our internal SQLite implementation did not work under Windows 10. After some research, we found out that PHP 7.4 handles SQLite differently and requires a PATH setting to the SQLite dll. We have fixed that issue. We have improved the design module so that device context settings are being visualized.

New videos are on its way, we are in contact with a few payment providers so that we can prepare for production. Busy times, but loads of fun.

31 Jan 2020 Releases None