Release 0.9.9.Z Build 4

Today we released version 0.9.9.Z Build 4. It contains bugfixes and two new components....

Today we have released version 0.9.9.Z build 4. In this release, there are some fixes that you can find on our bug tracker. And we have added two new components and enhanced the dropdown components:

New components:


The cTimer allows you to set up a trigger to do something in the background. It allows you to specify a number of milliseconds which is being run on the client webpage. At the end of this time, an ajax event is being generated and sent to the server where you can trap the onTimer event and perform some tasks. I.e. to popup a message or to logoff or whatever you need.

The component can be set to contiuous trigger the event (i.e. every 1 minute), or just once.


This component allows you to type in some text and let the system popup with a list of values. As this component is text-only you cannot use it to select a key value but is especially useful for text operations like finding an email address or something similar

Enhancement dropdown:

The dropdown component (dbludropdown, ludbdropdown and dropdown)  has a new property: autocomplete. By setting this to true the dropdown icon will disappear and a textbox will show where you can type a search which is resulting in a drop-down you can select.

After the upgrade you need to fully regenerate your code including the runtime libraries.

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