Release 1.0 version RC 1

Version 1.0 RC 1 is out!

Version 1.0 RC 1 is out!

Today is a day of celebration. In an odd world where everybody needs to stay home, we have released our Release Candidate for PHsPeed 1.0. Although there is still a lot to do, we now also have time to work on the website, documentation, videos, payment gateway, and all other things that need to be done. It does also mean that we will start looking for developers that can complete our end-user test team: team-EU. They supplement our team-B (beta test team). Currently, we have vacancies in both teams but there are different requirements to enter:

Team B

Team B is responsible for the first line of tests of new functions, fixed bugs, etc. To be able to they need to have some decent knowledge regarding PHP, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap. You need to be able to use the Javascript debugger, PHP debugger, and a deep understanding of OOP. You will also require to be active on our user forums for answering technical questions where possible.

Team EU

Team EU is responsible for testing already created end-user systems to ensure compatibility issues. As there are currently not many applications build yet, it is important that you have (small and medium-sized) projects you want to create with PHsPeed. If you have (parts of) projects that can be used as a demo that would be a big plus. You will also require to be active on our user forums to assist with typical end-user questions.

All team members will have direct access to our development team. Our development team is responsible for answering questions on forums the test-teams can't answer.

In exchange, you will get access to beta releases and a free developer license. There is always a discussion regarding the time and effort that you should put into the product. However, while you can use the product for free to create your project, you will have direct access to our development team. That is a big advantage as you can expect that response will be faster. You also have a direct way to discuss new features. If you can spare a few minutes a day to read the forums then answering questions, in general, doesn't have to take that long.

To take part in one of the teams, we need to know a few things from you. The beta team consists of developers that already have been working with PHsPeed for quite some time. As soon as we have vacancies we will decide who we will invite to join. We will do that based upon the activity on our forums as it shows the number of skills you have.

To take part in our team EU you need to be a trusted user. That is difficult for now as we are not on the market yet. So if you are interested in being an early adopter and think that PHsPeed might be the product for you then send an email with at least some information about your motivation,  what you want to create with the product, the area you are working in, if you are a private person or work in behalf of a company and the kind of developer you are. We are still working on a lot of documentation, videos, and more, and as long as they are not ready we cannot start team EU. However, as soon as we will, then we will select people our of our pool that has applied. If you are a skilled developer that can work without a full set of documentation because you know the concepts of PHP, oop, visual design with events (like Delphi and Visual Studio) then we can provide you the password to install PHsPeed and have a look.

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