Release 1.0

Today we released our first production version 1.0. We're exited and hope that you will be(come) too...

Finally! We have released version 1.0 and are ready to show it to you all. This is a big milestone for us. But we're aware that the work is not fully done yet. Actually it will never be. We have tons of ideas to further improve the capabilities and are working hard to improve documentation, movies, and all needed to make your development life easier!

First of all, we want you to have a good start with the product. Therefore the install is still protected by a password, but it is not a secret anymore. To obtain it, you just have to apply to one of our free webinars, where we will show you how to get started and what to expect. We will publish the password there.

Second, we are still working on our payment gateway. Until that is done, the trial period will be extended until the payment system is ready.

Third, we started a Spanish forum section as well. It is moderated by 'Kit', one of our most experienced beta testers from Mexico, and actually having live PHsPeed applications. To manage expectations, having a Spanish section does not mean that we will translate the IDE into Spanish. In fact, programming languages are not translated, and we believe that with basic English knowledge, it should be doable to work with PHsPeed. We do consider to translate (parts of) the documentation but not on short notice. Same for Spanish webinars.

We like to hear from you! There are no hidden agendas; even our bug tracker is not hidden. As a Dutch company, we are open in all that we do, and we do accept criticism. However, we expect that everybody will be respectful, positive, and constructive. Keep that in mind if you post issues on the forum.

If you think you have found bugs, then post them in the bug section of the forum. Be aware that we need to be able to reproduce the issue, so better too much info than too little. Acknowledged issues will be copied to the official bug tracker, where you can follow progress.

If you have questions or remarks, we also would like to know. The only thing you need to address elsewhere is non PHsPeed issues, like how to solve things in PHP.

Happy Developing!


18 Sep 2020 Releases None