Released RC2

The current version of PHsPeed is Release Candidate 2. We have made huge steps to clear the bugtracker, and improve the IDE even more. The payment gateway is in place, and we're in for the CountDown...

In this release RC 2, we have made significant steps towards our first production release. The bug tracker is currently empty, except for some enhancement requests that we will pick up once we have released our first edition. For now functionality is frozen except for important issues and open-ends.

In this release we have introduced a new method of defining database connections, we have made changes to allow ODBC connections (tested it upon Progress/Open Edge), we have added a database table tree for faster access to your database and it allows drag-drop actions to assign table-name or field name to the appropriate component or property.

The Debugger has become more responsive as it could freeze for quite some time under certain circumstances.

On this website, a lot of things are happening now. We are adding more documentation, movies, the payment provider is in place (2CheckOut/Avangate), we have some people around that are going to assist us for user support. And we're letting in some people that do beta testing, and end-user testing. For us, this is a completely new experience. As a company that writes software for 3rd parties, we are now in the field of tooling, which is quite different. But being so close to the first release, we simply can't wait. But the main principle persists. If we release, it better be good. Never a second chance for a first impression. We keep repeating that for ourselves.

29 Jun 2020 Releases None